onsdag 21 mars 2007

Skrattretande recept

Jag gjorde ett försök för skojs skull att översätta ett recept med hjälp av Alta Vista Babel fish. Men det visade sig att mina egna kunskaper i det portugisiska språket tydligen är bättre än översättarmotorns. Kul blev det i alla fall. Här följer receptet:

White beans with Confit de Frango

4 thighs and on chicken thighs-
400 g of vegetal fat-
100 g of bathes of pig-
300 white beans g-
2 leves of parrot-
1 head of garlic-
1 spoon (soup) of páprica candy-
2 spoons (soup) of bare tomatoe-
200 g of sausage cured in rodelas-
salt to the taste-
wine to temper Chef Izidro to the taste
Way of preparationThe beans of gravy for 6 hours leaves approximately. After that, it places in a pressure pan and joins more water, the teeth of garlic and the parrot. It closes the pan and it leaves to cook in the pressure for about 20 minutes. For confit, it melts bathes it and the vegetal fat together. It tempers the chicken with salt, pepper and wine Chef Izidro. It leaves to marinar per 2 minutes. After, it places the chicken in the fats and leaves to cook in well low fire for about 20 minutes, capsizing confitar of the two sides. It disconnect the fire and it leaves to cool (without removing the fat). After to cool, keeps in the refrigerator, where the fat will go to make solid. In a frying-pan, esquente the oil and joins the sausage in rodelas, refogando it. It adds to the perforated bare tomatoe and the páprica. It mixes and it places in the beans. It corrects the salt and it leaves to select. It removes the chicken of the refrigerator. It places pieces, lightly dipped in grease with the fats, in one fôrma and has led to the oven to dourar. It covers the deep one of a crosspiece with the beans and, for top, it places confit of chicken.

Receptet på portugisiska finns här:


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